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ZEST brings innovation and energy to 55+ community
development; providing a bright new vision
to the "retirement" experience.

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Upper Mill Pond

The first new residence at St. Elizabeth Village. A mid-rise five storey building featuring 76 one and two bedroom suites ranging in size from 721 sq. ft. to 1,324 sq. ft. Designed to provide Residents with the ultimate in convenience. The Suites at Upper Mill Pond reflect contemporary features and finishes with stylish and sensible layouts.

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Living with ZEST

ZEST Communities (formerly South Mountain Inc.) represents more than just a new name. ZEST is an attitude. It’s a philosophy. It's a different way to look at the years ahead. ZEST believes that you can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get "old".

ZEST’s vision is changing the mature lifestyle experience, integrating active, fun-infused living within charming settings that reward the mature years. At ZEST Communities, people enjoy social, recreational and fitness activities that are fun, promote healthy living and mental stimulation. We believe that the years ahead can be the best years ... a second childhood perhaps, ZEST is committed to making this happen.

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Introducing The ZEST Lifestyle

ZEST brings innovation and energy to 55+ community development; providing a bright new vision to the retirement experience through holistic, comprehensive community building, integrating major lifestyle components into each community and providing purchasers with the peace of mind of an appreciating real estate value.

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Life Lease

Preferred Equity Model

Rather than the typical model, where residents live in a “retirement” community and pay a monthly fee for their accommodation, amenities and activities, residents at St. Elizabeth Village have the exclusive right to the use and value of their homes through a Market Value Life Lease program that can be sold at any time at current market value.

Under this plan, residents purchase a Life Lease interest in their home, at market value, (similar to purchasing a home). They have exclusive use of their home for as long as they wish and shared use of all common amenities and facilities. Residents or their estate may sell their Market Value Life Lease interest at anytime. As the market value of real estate increases over time, so does the value of the Market Value Life Lease interest allowing residents to protect their investment and earn equity similar to owning a home. Over 100 Market Value Life Lease projects in Ontario have proven that this form of tenure keeps pace with the local real estate markets with residents earning the same return as owning a home.

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